Combine the benefits of the Web and the GSM mobile network !
EcoStarter optimizes the potential of your SMS-operated switch
Our solution:
  • The service is prepaid: no subscription, you simply purchase the SMS credits you need.
  • These SMS credits enable our service to send commands by SMS to your remote switch.
  • No forced or implied renewal! You only pay for what you need.
  • Payment by credit card via PayPal: you won't have to disclose confidential information to us.
  • Get a free test drive »
Available SMS bundles 100 messages for € 15.-
Supported models
and their savings factor
(number of requested status messages as compared to manual texting)
Click here to view the models:
EcoStarter Touch: 5 to 7 times fewer messages
(central unit with internal software V1.7 or later).
A-Comfort: 3 times fewer messages.
GSM Fixi: 2 times fewer messages (model V3.0 or later).
GSM 12A+: 2 times fewer messages.
GSM Mini: same amount.
EcoStarter Touch
(central unit with internal software V1.7 or later)
GSM Alarm Controller III
(this model is only sold in Scandinavia)
(2009-model and later)
GSM 12A+
(not compatible with GSM 12A)
GSM Mini
(2008 → 2014)
Availability Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway.
Other countries on request.
Conditions:  Minimum yearly purchase to enjoy a complete service: 1 bundle of 200 SMS credits.  Prices are given in Euros for residents/businesses of the UE (purchases below 22 Euro are free of VAT).  We use local GSM numbers depending on your country (Switzerland, Norway, Sweden). The alarm retransmission service requires your device to send its alarm messages to one of these numbers.