Combine the benefits of the Web and the GSM mobile network !
EcoStarter optimizes the potential of your SMS-operated switch
Free test
    You must own one of the supported models.
    EcoStarter Touch
    (central unit with internal software V1.7 or later)
    GSM Alarm Controller III
    (this model is only sold in Scandinavia)
    GSM Fixi SMS
    (2009-model and later)
    GSM 12A+
    (not compatible with GSM 12A)
    GSM Mini
    (2008 → 2014)
    • Get a SIM card for your device (free choice!).
    • Test the communication link by means of plain text messages.

Introductory video

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How to proceed:
  1. Click here to open a user account  ▷▷▷
  2. Select your model by clicking on the corresponding picture.
  3. Enter the phone number and access code of your remote device.
    • Click on "Test connection" to build a connection to your device.
  4. Test the WebApp.
    • After successful scanning of your device, you can test the WebApp;
      to this end, you get some free SMS messages.
  5. Purchase of SMS credits.
    • After the free test, you'll hopefully be convinced to use our service.
      You just have to click on the "Account" button of the WebApp to purchase a bundle of SMS credits online.
    • If you are entitled to a free SMS bundle, send an e-mail to with your username and the date and place where you purchased your device.