Combine the benefits of the Web and the GSM mobile network !
EcoStarter optimizes the potential of your SMS-operated switch


EcoStarter Web application
A Web application (or WebApp) is an application that is accessed over the Internet
and that executes inside your Web browser.
Typical Web applications include Webmail and online auctions.
Compared to a downloadable application, a WebApp facilitates data sharing and ensures service reliability.
In comparison to manual texting on a mobile phone,
our WebApp brings many advantages:
  • User-friendly graphical interface:
    • multi-lingual and customizable.
    • no more incorrect or incomplete messages!
  • Optimization of commands with real-time feedback:
    • signals when your command is actually delivered;
    • alarms are immediately displayed;
    • built-in intelligence brings increased reliability and lower costs.
  • Additional features:
    • archival of alarm history, commands and status readings;
    • automated readings (temperatures, etc.) with graphics;
    • periodic device check-up;
    • helps diagnose SIM card issues (validity, credits).
  • Simultaneous access and sharing of data:
    • among family members;
    • between colleagues in a company (real estate management).
  • Usable on any platform:
    • Tablet, smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone),
      traditional PC (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Customer testimonials:
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- Free service: forwarding of alarms by e-mail
(subscriptionless, configuration in the WebApp).