EcoStarter Solutions - Remote control by Internet connection on the GSM mobile network (GPRS)
The SikomConnect service:
Remote alarm and switch control with Internet
connection over the GSM/GPRS network
With SikomConnect, your GSM equipment remains under control around the clock without limitation.
You get the benefits of a fixed internet connection, but with added ruggedness and security.
  • Simple
    • Entirely autonomous, zero configuration Internet connection.
  • Affordable
    • Unlimited plan – far cheaper than a normal mobile phone subscription !
  • Fast
    • Your commands are executed and acknowledged almost instantly.
  • Reliable
    • Your commands and alarms will never be lost without notice.
      You'll also be notified if your remote device falls offline.
      No strain or prejudice to the security of your existing network.
Monthly prices:
free and non-binding 3 month test drive included!
Supported hardware model Annual subscription Winter subscription Monthly subscription
GSM Mini Plus
GSM Fixi Plus
GSM ECO-Comfort
EcoStarter Touch
€ 5.75 € 5.82 € 6.90
How to proceed:
  1. All supported GSM devices come with a dedicated SIM-card.
    Later on we will provide SIM-cards for upgradeable hardware models.
    Each SIM-card has an activation code which looks like "ab1234cd".
  2. Start the app and log in using the activation code.
  3. Power on your GSM equipment with the dedicated SIM-card inside.
NB: Our GSM devices are NOT simlocked.
You are free to use any other SIM card to communicate with your device by SMS.
How it works: The subscription includes a SIM card for a remote switch; this SIM card gives unlimited access to the remote switch using SikomConnect apps. GSM coverage is required at the location where your remote switch is deployed (GPRS data connection is always available on the GSM network and is therefore more widespread than 3G or 4G).
The device automatically selects an appropriate GSM network at the location where it is deployed: it's like roaming, but without extra expenses for the end user.

Payment: The Winter subscription lasts 6 months. After the free test period, payment takes place by credit card and is due in advance for the chosen duration: € 69.- for the Annual subscription or € 34.90 for the Winter subscription.

Availability: Our service is available in the EU, Switzerland, Norway; please contact us for other countries.
Download app for
iPhone & iPad 
Download app for
Features of the app: 
  • Supported languages: English, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian (*).
  • Control connected heating sources, lighting and other switches.
  • Set eco and comfort temperature for energy saving.
  • See temperature log for last 30 days (**).
  • Calender function. Set events to happen in the future.
  • Get notifications of low/high temperature, power outage and failure of Internet connection.
  • Get alarms from PIR detectors, smoke detectors, water sensors etc.
  • Alarms and notifications come by e-mail and push notifications.
  • See local weather.
  • Customize the background image and give your own names to zones, rooms and devices.
  • The app has an integrated demo mode.
* Current iPhone version: your language will appear after stopping the app (double-click on "Home" button, then slide the app to the top) and starting it again.
** With ECO-Starter Touch and ECO-Comfort only "Wtemp" wireless sensors produce logs. GSM Mini can generate no temperature logs at all.