General Conditions
Here are the conditions governing the use of the EcoStarter website.
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  • We do not collect information about visitors. Cookies are used in a strictly anonymous and internal way in order to manage and optimize your visit (e.g. to memorize your preferred language).

  • In the part of our site, which is only accessible to registered users, we keep the data given to us by the users in order to serve their orders and provide required Web services. This data is protected by technical means intended to preserve their security: password, 256-bits SSL connection (secure http protocol), daily backup. This data may be deleted on request.

  • Users may at any time unregister from our mailing lists, which will be kept to a strict minimum.

Conditions for using this site
As of today, this information is mainly available in german and french.
General terms of use of the WebApp

  • Goal of the application
    The Web application (WebApp) acts as an intermediary between the user and his remote control device(s). Its goal is to provide value-added services, such as a graphical interface, which simplifies the use of the remote control device(s). The WebApp provides its services through servers on the Internet.

  • Scope of service

  • Duration of contract and payment
    • All costs (SMS credits) are to be paid in advance by credit card.
    • There is no automatic renewal.
    • Minimum yearly purchase: 1 bundle of 100 SMS credits. Client support will be interrupted and the user account will provide reduced functionality if there is no further purchase after one year.
    • All SMS credits are valid two years from the date of purchase.
    • No refund will be made, even if SMS credits are not used or if EcoStarter decides to cease operating the WebApp.

  • Billing of SMS messages
    • Every SMS sent by our servers to a remote control device or to a mobile phone is debited from the customer's user account.

  • Geographical limitation
    • As of today, our services are available in the following countries: Switzerland, EU, Norway.

  • Technical limitations
    • Before (s)he subscribes to the WebApp, the user must check, by use of the provided free test, that the application operates properly, especially that the remote control device is recognized and that coverage by the relevant mobile phone operator is available. In particular, it should be noted that the 2G network that your remote control devices require is progressively being dismantled in several countries.
    • If your remote device is "roaming" (such as when the remote device resides in one country, but its SIM card comes from another country) we cannot guarantee a reliable service.
    • As with any service based on the Internet, our WebApp is subject to the "Best effort" principle. No refund or compensation will be made in case of interruption of service or limited availability for any reason whatsoever.
    • We reserve the right to limit the number of simultaneous accesses per client, in order to guarantee better performance to the greatest number of users.

  • Third party costs to client
    • SMS messages sent by a customer's remote control device are billed by the mobile phone operator in charge of the remote control. For the operation of the WebApp, the remote control device will send status and alarm messages to our servers; the resulting costs are borne by the customer, especially any extra costs due to international connections.
    • Any costs for the access to our Web server through the Internet and download of data (required in particular for the real-time feedback in the browser) are borne by the customer.

  • Obligations of the client
    The client commits to respect following points:
    • To protect his password against unauthorized third parties.
    • To only access our services interactively with a Web browser directed to the interface provided by us to this end.
    • Not to attempt to get inside the system without authorization (no hacking, no reverse engineering).
    • To comply with copyrights on the contents of the website. We reserve the right to terminate the contract of any user who does not comply with these obligations, as well as to take any legal action deemed necessary.

  • Data protection
    We commit to protect the customer's data by the following means:
    • No customer data is handed over to third parties, except for the external storage of encrypted backups.
    • Customer data such as access codes to the remote control devices are always encrypted on our servers.
    • Daily backups with encrypted copies stored at separate locations.

  • Customer support
    • Any support request is to be made exclusively by e-mail to or with the form on the following Web page:

  • Place of jurisdiction
    Lausanne, Switzerland.

Version of July 26, 2022.

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