EcoStarter WebApp: Change Log
Don't worry, there's no upgrade procedure: we ensure that you'll always use the latest version!
V2.98  (Sep. 2015)
  • Included display of WTemp (wireless temperature sensor) devices in the periodic control report.
V2.97  (March 2015)
  • Enhanced choice of date intervals for displaying temperature logs.
  • Temperature sensors T1 and T2 can now receive a custom name (GSM 12A+ and GSM Fixi).
  • Pulse mode is recognized on built-in Nodes (relays) of GSM Alarm Controller III.
V2.96  (November 2014)
  • Enhanced session management (especially on devices with iOS 7 and 8).
  • Faster display and reduced download traffic (better caching of JavaScript code).
  • Corrected an issue with creation of new timers from smartphones (models A-Comfort and GSM Alarm Controller III).
  • Corrected an incompatibility with old browsers (IE 8 and 9).
V2.95b  (September 2014)
  • Enhanced layout of device list on mobile devices.
  • Corrected a time zone issue which delayed timer-based events by one hour during summertime.
EcoStarter wireless hygrometer/hygrostat V2.95  (June 2014)
  • Support for the new wireless humidity sensor (accessory for ECO-Starter Touch).
    • Enables reading off ambient humidity remotely (hygrometer function).
    • Hygrostat function: in combination with a chosen wireless device (node/thermostat), enables limiting ambient humidity to a user-defined level. If the chosen device is set to thermostatic mode, this results in a thermo-hygrostat combo !
  • Release of internal software V1.9 for central unit model ECO-Starter Touch:
    • Provides mandatory support for the new wireless humidity sensor.
Heartbleed security bug  (April 2014)
  • The widespread Heartbleed bug was patched on Wednesday, April 9 in the morning (Central European Time). Relevant SSL certificates have also been changed.
V2.92  (April 2014)
  • Full support for Windows Phone smartphones (V8.0).
  • Better diagnosis in case of undelivered messages.
  • More robust real-time delivery status.
  • Enhanced scrolling on smartphones (all models).
V2.91  (March 2014)
  • Added a user-defined limit for early warning about SMS credits getting close to zero (on the "Account" page). When the SMS credit reaches the given limit, a notification is sent to the user by e-mail.
  • ECO-Starter Touch: user interface optimized for different types of thermostats (SI-3 vs. Siemens/Dimplex plugs).
V2.9  (Feb 2014)
  • Enhanced networking, leading to better performance and compatibility with recent Android 4.3, Apple iOS 7 and Opera browsers.
    And if you are not sure if the screen is really showing the latest updates, now you can restart the "Live Updates" mechanism by clicking on the title bar (with the date of the last status) of the main page:

    Restarting "Live Updates"
  • Corrected an issue with Internet Explorer 10 browsers, which prevented displaying temperature tracking graphics.
  • 25.2.2014: Corrected an issue with the new Internet Explorer 11, which prevented the app from completing its initialization inside that browser.
V2.8  (Jan 2014)
  • Support for IVT (Bosch) heat pumps (requires a dedicated extension module for ECO-Starter Touch).
  • Support for Siemens/Dimplex thermostats (option for ECO-Starter Touch, A-Comfort and Alarm Controller III).
V2.7  (15. Dec 2013)
  • Enhanced on-screen numeric keypad for easier input of long phone numbers (e.g. Norwegian 14-digit M2M numbers).
  • New: with ECO-Starter Touch: Display list of all registered wireless devices (in "Options" -> "Technical Information").
V2.6  (21. Nov 2013)
  • Various small visual enhancements, such as highlighting of updated data on the main screen.
V2.5  (14. Nov 2013)
  • We introduce support for Sikom model GSM Alarm Controller III.
    Model GSM Alarm Controller III  is a variant of A-Comfort, with which it shares the same wireless accessories, but additionally offers a number of builtin inputs and outputs. It's designed for installation inside the fuse box and is currently only sold in Scandinavia.
    Further description (in Norwegian)  »»»
V2.4  (1. Nov 2013)
  • Support for the new wireless temperature sensor (accessory for ECO-Starter Touch).
  • Release of internal software V1.8 for ECO-Starter Touch:
    • Provides full support for the new wireless temperature sensor.
    • Hides wireless detectors and RF-keyboards from device list on touchscreen.
    • More robust upgrade procedure.
V2.3  (10. Oct 2013)
  • Command sequences (including your own macro-commands) are no longer limited to 160 characters:
    they are automatically split into several SMS messages if necessary.
  • New "Options" screen for managing all icons, including icons for macro-commands
    (with A-Comfort and ECO-Starter Touch).
  • Numerous behind-the-scenes optimizations.
V2.2  (12. Sept 2013)
  • New "User profile" screen (accessed via the "Account" button) enables changing username, password and other contact information from within the application.
  • Display of temperature curves: Enhanced navigation through all collected data (currently only with A-Comfort and ECO-Starter Touch, other models in preparation).
  • Correction of a bug which prevented users with Internet Explorer 8.0 from adding a new remote device.
  • Increased stability, especially for users of Opera and Internet Explorer.
V2.1  (20. June 2013)
  • New feature: display GSM signal quality at remote site ("Options" screen, only with ECO-Starter Touch).
  • Improved display on tablet computers.
  • Solved various minor bug fixes and usability issues.
Version 2.0  (1. Feb 2013)
  • New feature: State summary
    A new icon at the top of the screen shows you at a glance if anything is abnormal, e.g. if an alarm has been accidentally deactivated or if a wireless device has become unreachable.
    Icon for
    "Current status is OK"
    Icon for
    "Current status has problems"
    Information when clicking on the status summary icon:
    In this example, the burglary alarm and temperature surveillance were expected to be active, but currently they are inactive.
      To start with, for this service to produce expected results, you'll have to click on the "details" button in order to tell what is, according to you, the "normal" state of your equipment (we call this the reference state).
  • Alarms can be sent to more than one e-mail address (just enter a list of comma-separated e-mails in your user profile).
  • Periodic check-up:
    • Fewer SMS messages are used to collect the complete state of your equipment.
    • Now the check-up report can be sent to more than one e-mail address (just enter a list of comma-separated e-mails in your user profile).
  • Various bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.
V1.5  (1. Dec. 2012) Integrated account management.
A new page inside the application enables viewing remaining credits and purchasing new credits.
V1.4  (1. Nov. 2012) Free service: Forwarding of alarms by e-mail.
When you configure your GSM device to send its alarms to one of our GSM numbers, our servers will retransmit a copy of it to an e-mail address of your choice for free.
V1.3  (1. May 2012) Norwegian interface.
The application is now able to interact with devices having Norwegian internal software (firmware) and offers a Norwegian interface.
V1.2  (1. April 2012) Connection shortcut.
The Web-application becomes as easily accessible as a standard application!
The application now provides securely encrypted shortcuts (AES-256 bits), meaning that you can transparently access your personal EcoStarter page without having to enter your username and password every time. You will typically save the shortcut into the bookmark list of your browser or onto the home screen of your tablet or smartphone.
V1.1  (January 2012) Support for the EcoStarter Touch (alias Sikom GSM ECO-Starter).
The Web-application goes one step further and gets the status of a remote EcoStarter Touch system in 5 to 7 times fewer SMS-messages than by manual texting (with A-Comfort the ratio is 1:3, with GSM Fixi and GSM 12A+ it's 1:2 and GSM Mini it's 1:1).
V1.0  (December 2011) Official launch with press release in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
V0.1  (October 2010) Initial version, first invited users.