EcoStarter: GSM Mini (CH version)   [en]
Please note that after 8 years of activity
EcoStarter has stopped selling GSM-based
remote control equipment.
The company takes over this activity.

GSM Mini Plus:
SMS and Internet-operated 230V socket

Brilliantly simple !
Perfect for warming up your cottage before arriving
or for restarting a computer.

New 2015 Model:
  • Operated by SMS or by app  (iOS & Android).
  • Zero configuration Internet connection  (with GSM/GPRS).
  • Up to 9 radio-controlled peripherals.
  • Fully wireless alarm system.
Your advantages:

GSM standard: Quadband. Operating voltage: 230V AC. Max load: 3600W/16A (2300W/10A with Swiss plug). Consumption: 0.4 W (typic, standby). Operating temp.: –20ºC to 50ºC. Dim (LxHxD): 65 x 130 x 42 mm. Weight: 290g.
Complies with the European R&TTE directive. GSM Mini is designed for indoor use only.
For your comfort and safety, a European quality product that conforms to all legal requirements.

Simply plug GSM Mini into a wall socket. Then plug into GSM Mini any 230V appliance that you want to control remotely.

Send commands to GSM Mini to remotely power on and off the appliances plugged into it: mobile electric or infrared heaters, lights, computer, modem, surveillance camera, etc.

Recommended accessories:
GSM Mini provides no temperature reporting function on its own; should you need one, please add a wireless temperature sensor or a wireless socket with optional sensor.

A SIM-card for unlimited Internet connection with operation via SikomConnect smartphone app  (3 months free access!). Simply insert your own SIM-card if you want to enable control by standard SMS messages (prepaid is fine).

European "Schuko" version of the socket »»»

The illustration shows a front view and a side view of GSM Mini.