EcoStarter: accessories for "GSM Mini"
Please note that after 8 years of activity
EcoStarter has stopped selling GSM-based
remote control equipment.
The company takes over this activity.

Accessories for ’GSM Mini’

(Please also have a look at the accessories for extensions Node, SI-3, EGR-1, EGR-3)
Wireless temperature sensor   Ref: 6431127

Wireless communication with your central unit. Enables reading off the temperature remotely.
Triggers an alarm in case a user-defined upper or lower temperature limit is exceeded.

Powered by two AAA batteries (included). Alarm by SMS in case of weak batteries.
The internal sensor may be replaced by an external wired sensor.
Two screws included for wall-mounting.

Measurement range: -29┬░C to +49┬░C ┬▒2┬░C. Operating temp.: ÔÇô20┬░C to +40┬░C.
Dimensions: 82x31x22 mm. Weight: 50g.