EcoStarter: EGR-3   [en]
Please note that after 8 years of activity
EcoStarter has stopped selling GSM-based
remote control equipment.
The company takes over this activity.

Radio-controlled relay module EGR-3
Module with 3 outputs (relays)

For GSM Mini, EcoStarter Touch or ECO-Comfort.
To be installed by an electrician.

Your advantages:

Operating temp.: -20°C to +50°C. Power supply: 12V-15V DC or 230V/50Hz. Consumption: 1.1 W (standby). 3 potential-free relays of 16A (i.e. 3600W at 230V/50Hz). Dimensions: 70x90x59 mm (4 DIN modules). Weight: 250g.
Complies with the European R&TTE directive. Designed for indoor use only.
With EGR-3 you can control 3 additional outputs (switches/relays) via your central unit.

  • Potential free: usable either in 12V or in 230V/50Hz environments, for:
    • low-voltage control of electronic circuits, e.g. stoves or central heatings equipped with remote control inputs, or:
    • 230V control of loads of up to 3x3600 watts (must be installed by a qualified technician)
  • 3 inputs for temperature sensors, for:
    • two-level (eco and comfort) thermostatic regulation programmable by SMS (when a heating appliance is connected to the outputs);
    • temperature surveillance with notification by SMS whenever a chosen limit is exceeded.
  • Possibility of impulse control of the relays.
  • Enclosed: a radio antenna (for the local communication with the central unit)
  • Installation as a DIN module
Recommended accessories: