EcoStarter: ECO-Comfort (Central unit)   [en]
Please note that after 8 years of activity
EcoStarter has stopped selling GSM-based
remote control equipment.
The company takes over this activity.

ECO - Comfort
SMS/GPRS-operated Alarm and Switch Control

Wireless extensible product.

Your advantages:

Central unit: Consumption: 0.7 W (standby). Operating temp.: –20°C to +50°C. LxHxD: 110x128x26mm. Weight: 130 g. GSM: quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Local radio freq.: 433.9 MHz.
Wireless 230V socket: Max load (Swiss version): 10A (2300W). Consumption: 1.1 W (standby). Temp. sensing: –29°C to +49°C.
Complies with the European R&TTE directive. The central unit and its accessories are designed for indoor use only. Requires a valid SIM card from a mobile phone operator for SMS-operated control.
Send commands remotely to power on or off appliances plugged into your wireless 230V sockets: heating, hot water, lights, home server, etc.

GSM-operated thermostat function: send your command to switch your rooms selectively from economy temperature to the comfort temperature that you want to enjoy at your arrival.

Temperature surveillance: you'll receive alarms on your smartphone whenever the temperature is colder or warmer than desired. Also included: power outage alarm.

  • Controls up to 64 wireless sockets/ switches/ thermostats and 128 sensors and detectors:
    • temperature, flooding, fire, gas, burglary, motion detector
    • emits alarms to the chosen smartphone
  • Personal access code for protection.
  • Wireless optional extensions, all with remote-controlled temperature surveillance and thermostatic regulation:
    • 230V plug-in socket 'ECO-Node' (max. output 2300W or 3600W depending on country)
    • Wall-mount thermostat 'ECO SI-3' (max. 3600W)
    • Fuse-box modules 'EGR-1' and 'EGR-3' (3600W)

  • A wall-mount central unit with 230V cable.
  • A SIM-card for GPRS control mode. Insert your own SIM-card if you want to enable control by SMS.