EcoStarter: GSM 12A+   [en]
Please note that after 8 years of activity
EcoStarter has stopped selling GSM-based
remote control equipment.
The company takes over this activity.

GSM 12A+
SMS-operated remote switch and monitoring

The Swiss army knife of remote monitoring !

Your advantages:

Operating voltage: 7.5V – 15.0V DC. Max load per relay: 5A (max 30V). Power cons.: 0.4 W (standby, with the optional power adapter), 20 mA (standby, 12V), max. 68 mA. GSM: Quadband 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Operating temp.: –20 to +40°C. LxDxH: 106 x 21 x 70 mm. Weight: 105g. Complies with the European R&TTE directive. GSM 12A+ is designed for indoor use only.

GSM 12A+ requires a valid SIM card from a mobile phone operator (prepay will also do it).
Send commands by SMS to GSM 12A+ to remotely control appliances through its 2 outputs: heating (e.g. in caravans and motorhomes), hot water, lights, pumps, inverters, computer equipment, etc.

GSM 12A+ monitors temperatures, detectors and power supply voltage, and sends alarms by SMS to up to 9 phone numbers. All this in a very compact housing: only 10.6 x 7.0 cm!

Some applications:
  • Temperature alarm.
  • Battery monitoring.
  • Fault detection.
  • Alarm system and heating control in boats, caravans, campers (e.g. with Alde® heaters).
  • Starting, shutting down and restarting a computer.
  • Starting a wood pellet stove.
  • 2 output relays (remote-controlled switches, max. 5A/30V each).
  • Thermostat function available on one relay.
  • Simultaneous surveillance of:
    • 2 temperature sensors.
    • 2 inputs for standard detectors with potential-free NO/NC output (fire, flooding, gas, burglary, fault indicator, etc.).
    • voltage level of power supply (12V); power outage alarm is possible with the optional backup battery.
  • Alarms are sent by SMS to up to 9 GSM numbers.
  • Adjustable alarm repetition frequency.
  • Personal access code for protection.
  • Consumption: only 20 mA (standby, 12V CC).

Included: a GSM antenna (with 2 m cable) and a temperature sensor (with 4 m cable).

Free option: forwarding of alarms to your e-mail (complimentary service of our Web application).

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